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september 13

...and a little something extra for the kids!

BONUS PROJECT!!! If God were a superhero, what would he look like? Draw a picture and email it to Pastor Melissa at If enough people respond, we will make a Superhero Gallery right here!

Wanting more?


Pastoral Prayer

Majesty (UM Hymnal #176)

God Hath Spoken by the Prophets (UM Hymnal #108)

My Hope Is Built (UM Hymnal #368)


While we are worshipping at home, we look forward to the day when we can join together again in person! During this time apart, your gifts continue to make the current and future ministries of the church possible. We hope that you will continue to give generously, to the degree that your finances will allow. You may send your offering to:

Roger Taylor (Wenksville)

Karen Yager (Bendersville)

Cindy Eyler (Mt. Calvary)

If you need contact information for any of the above people, please call 717-677-6154.

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