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Sermon of the Month in writing: Psalm 126:1-6 "Soul Winning"
At Lancaster Bible College one Pastoral Leadership Seminar I was enlightened "Pagan's for Sale." That's a great missionary program. All in little plastic bags, too. Little Pagan Countries. The speaker said the same thing. I thought "great minds must think alike." He said, "No, they are not Pagan's, they are pecans."
Concern for souls is a lost art. Soul winning - What's involved? Why aren't more people being saved, receiving Christ, or professing Christ? It's just not happening. Why? Why not? (Look at vs. 5). Sow- they that sow! They that plant the seed, they that tell, they that share, they that witness, they that make an effort. (Look into vs. 6). Those who go out weeping carrying seed to sow will return with songs of joy. It's as much of a promise of God as John 3:16.
Going forth weeping - shall doubtless. If God says it, and we sow it, and you are doubtless - doing it, if you do this here --- the result you will see. 
3 Points: vs. 6 Soul winning:
The bullseye of our target has to be souls for Christ. What have we done? We've made the means the goa. We started right, but we've lost focus on the goal. We focus on programs more than people. We've stopped short of the mission. If we are doing anything. 
It takes personal effort to win souls. He that goes forth. They that sow. Go forth. No substitute for personal effort. What did the Lord talk about? Basics of Soul Winning. 1) Farming; 2) Fishing. 
1st Sow seeds. You cannot lay in bed and sow seeds. You cannot be involved in a lot of other things. You've got to get into the fields and plant seeds so that seeds can germinate. (A story about Strawberries....) Not much success in church. Success is a result of the Bible, not a goal. Joshua 1 You do this and that and you will have great success. (Story about personal effort.) What is the problem? No workers. How do we pray for workers and hard workers? 
Think about oranges, strawberries, and apples. Who does the work? What about an insurance agent? An agent has to make calls and visits. 
Farming and Fishing stories: Jesus said, "Follow me and I'll make you fishers of people." The disciples fished all night. Nothing caught. What did Jesus say? "Put the nets on the other side." Disciples said, "We will." Jesus said winning souls is like farming and fishing. More fishing stories..... 
1. Go where they are. Know where the fish are. 
2. Use proven bait. 
3. You need to keep at it. 
Nobody got saved by themselves. When are you going to receive Christ? When are you going to rededicate your life to Christ? (A story about Harvey Cedars Bible Conference in NJ.) 
Winning Souls is our duty, too. Put forth the effort personally and you will have success.